Learning with Legos at Sci-Port

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 5:57pm

Starting Saturday, October 5, castles will take over Shreveport in a new exhibit at Sci-Port.

In LEGO® Castle Adventure, children and families are transported to a LEGO® kingdom where they too can become master castle builders, using one of the greatest building materials of all time- LEGO® bricks! It takes creativity and skill to plan, build and run a castle. Explore the world of LEGO® Castle Adventure to learn the planning skills necessary to build a castle able to sustain your kingdom and ward off attacks. The king and queen of the LEGO® realm need a new castle and have summoned the best castle builders in the land to create a new home for their family.

In the exhibit, open through January 12, 2014, children and families will be able to:

  • Visit the royal castle and see their majesties’ throne, the king’s treasure room and dungeon
  • Wander the castle grounds to learn about life in the Middle Ages
  • Dress up in child-sized, medieval-themed costumes
  • Construct a LEGO® brick topiary for the castle courtyard
  • Study secrets from real-world castles such as Blarney, Arundel and Neuschwanstein which have been re-constructed by LEGO® Master Builders out of LEGO® bricks; created specifically for LEGO® Castle Adventure, these castles allow families to examine how real castles were planned and built
  • Build a castle of their own in one of three age-appropriate build areas: Toddler ‘Apprentice Builders’ featuring soft, oversized LEGO® foam bricks; 3- to 6-year-old ‘Journeymen Builders’ featuring DUPLO® bricks; and ‘Master Builders’ (ages 7 and up) featuring standard LEGO® bricks
  • Virtually build a castle wall using a 3-D computer program and test the fortress’ strength against a real-world catapult; using trial-and-error, discover the best method for constructing walls able to withstand a siege
  • Visit the dragon’s cave and create a fantastical story about knights and kings, princesses and dragons

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