Investigations underway on former Desoto superintendent

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 8:01am

Bring the focus back to the children; that's what Desoto Parish School Board member McLawrence Fuller thinks the rest of the board should do, rather than focus on an investigation surrounding former superintendent Walter Lee.

About a month ago, after fellow board member Neil Henderson noticed some questionable expenses, Henderson went to the Desoto Parish Sheriff's Office asking them to look into the expense reports. After looking into the reports, Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle agreed that something didn't seem quite right. He decided to bring in additional help in the form of the FBI. At the same time that the FBI's forensic accountants are looking over the reports, so it the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's office.

Lee told KMSS that he wasn't worried about any investigations, because to his knowledge, he hasn't done anything wrong. Fuller agrees with Lee, adding that if it were up to a vote, he would reelect Lee as superintendent again.


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This man Fuller is an idiot...and most of the sitting members of the school board need to keep their mouths shut to the press...They have a responsibilty to the taxpayers of this parish to look out for us and our children and all they are doing is hiding a crook they are as crooked as him. They continue to look like idiots

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