I Love the Ark-La-Tex: Waterfall Creek Pecan Farm

Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 8:31pm

Pecan pie, pecan pralines, pecan salad; I'll eat pecans in any form; I love them all.

While I'd never been to Oklahoma, I loved the musical, and really wanted to check out the state...and then in comes Waterfall Creek Pecan Farm to combine the two.

Owners Keith and Ski Bateman show people that anything is possible. Keith wanted to raise cattle, and the couple fell in love with the property...before they noticed it wasn't fenced it. However, it was a working pecan farm, and so the two decided to go into business.

They grow paper shell pecans, which are less oily than other type. These newly named pecan experts also told me that the majority of pecans they grow are the desirable type. I'll say, I desired a tummy full of them.

After the Batemans showed me the grounds, they pulled some pecans for me to crack and shell. Now generally this is done by machines they keep in their barn, but of course, I got (had) to do it by hand. That's ok, the anticipation just helped my mouth to water more.

Once I got the little nuts open, I got to try my first completely fresh pecan. I can't even describe how delicious it was. It made every other pecan I'd even eaten seem like a peanut (no offense peanuts).

Not that I like to eat and run, but storms were coming. But before I left, I needed the Batemans to answer the age old question:; peh-kahn or pee-can. While they didn't completely write off pee-can, they are firm peh-kahn believers.

For pecan lovers about to get married, Waterfall Creek also does weddings.

For more information on WaterFall Creek Pecan Farm, visit their website or their Facebook page.


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Hi Annie, I agree I will eat almost anything with pecans. When I was a kid in Louisiana we had a huge pecan tree in the back yard. My sisters and I could pick pecans up by the pounds straight off the ground. May I invite you to try our pecan pralines at vermilionprlines.com. Let me know what u think.

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