I Love the Ark-La-Tex: The Steel Magnolias House

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 8:05pm

Driving down the road in Natchitoches, 320 Jefferson Street is a sight to see. From its stately columns, to the striking white shutters, to the mature magnolia trees lining the house, it is enough to make drivers stop for a closer look. Even more so when they realize it is the house from the 1989 film, "Steel Magnolias".

Careful not to stare too closely at its beauty, I didn't want to have an accident, I could hardly contain my excitement as I knocked on the door to the family house for one of my favorite movies. My only disappointment was that I wasn't wearing blush and bashful to commemorate the experience.

The Steel Magnolias House is now a bed and breakfast, but somehow I was able to charm owner Christina Landry into giving me a tour, and I wasn't disappointed by it in the least.

Even though the movie was filmed over 20 years ago, much of the house is exactly the same as it was then. From Shelby's bathtub, to the window Jackson climbed in, and even the pass through where Shelby told her mom she was pregnant, it was a step into the world of Steel Magnolias.

What made the tour even better, was that I got to learn about the history of the story behind Steel Magnolias. It is based on a true story, written as a type of coping mechanism for the brother of the Shelby character. Originally intended as a one act play, it quickly found its home as a true play before being made into a movie. A lot of the movie is true too; I found out Jackson really did have a red velvet armadillo cake as his grooms cake, which made me happy.

But what would make me even happier to to own the house myself. It's possible, it is on the market right now. I know what I want for my birthday....

But mine or not, just being able to tour the house of my favorite movie is another reason I Love the Arklatex!


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