I Love the Ark-La-Tex: Shark Week at Sci-Port

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 4:47pm

Louisiana may be known for alligators, but I can confirm that it has a significant shark population too. Well, at least at Sci-Port during Shark Week.

There are robot sharks, which are super cool, but possibly even cooler are the real sharks that have taken up residency at the Shreveport science center.

Unlike other sharks, Sci-Port sharks are child friendly. Sci-Port even has different activities to get people even more excited about sharks. One of them is a shark anatomy exhibit. Sci-Port’s shark expect Heather Kleiner explains the anatomy event."That's showing the different body parts of the shark and what they're for. Then, on Saturdays and Sunday's, we're doing, at 1:00 a real shark dissection demonstration."

A weekend dissection found the shark parts I saw. They have the cutest little brains, and a nubs at the end is the smelling part of their brains. That takes up about 1/3 of the shark’s brain. A human brain is much larger, but has a much smaller proportion devoted to smelling. Shark aficionado Miss Heather told me that's why a sharks sense of smell is so much better than ours. Then she proved it, using my nose as evidence.

I smelled a vial that was one part coconut extract to one part water, but a shark can smell coconut extract, or even blood, at a much different ratio. Kleiner explained just how different. "These two concentrations, one part per million parts of water, or even one part per 10 billion parts of water"

I don't know how sharks can smell that well, because even without allergies I wouldn't be able to sniff that out.

And without Sci-Port I'd have no idea sharks are so advanced.

And that's just another reason I love the Ark-La-Tex.

Shark week at Sci-Port runs through Sunday, August 17.


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