I Love the Ark-La-Tex: Sci-Port's Lego Castle Adventure

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 8:30pm

We all know Lego, but Lego as an educational tool? That's exactly what they are at Sci-Port's Lego Castle Exhibit.

Not only do they promote motor skills, they are great at stimulating creativity.

14 year old Emily Ford was working on an elaborate castle, she took time to make it historically accurate too, explaining, “usually castles, they have two doors, because if any enemy gets through one, you want to make sure they have another barrier." Look at that, I learn something new every day.

I wasn't a Lego fan until I visited this exhibit, which did I mention is free with admission, but that's not the case for some of Sci-Port's staff like Director of Education Lou Papai. He remembered playing with Lego from an early age, "I used to make all kinds of things. From space ships, I was a star trek junkie, first generation. I played with them all my life, my sisters played with them. We didn't have the fancy sets. We just bought the regular ones and created all kinds of things."

That’s totally possible. Sci-Port has a life size knight made out of regular Legos. Although the knight has a little help from some glue.

Well, I was ready to get my Lego on, but i needed some help with my outfit first. I found a horse outfit and outfitted myself with a jousting stick (not a real one, I’m too clumsy for that). I was ready to practice jousting, but it wasn’t just my jousting skills that grew during this exercise. I also learned about physics. Papai explained, "if two men on horses are coming toward you with these sticks, and in real life they're made out of wood and really long and we'd be wearing armor. You're trying to knock the guy off the horse, that's all physics. Think about it.Is the stick going to break? Is it going to knock him off, is it going to go through the poor guy?"

Well, look at that, Annie Andersen physicist.

The things I learn when I visit Sci-Port, not to mention the fun I have. Lego lovers have to move fast though, Sci-Port's Lego Castle Adventure is only open through this weekend.

And that's just another reason I love the Ark-La-Tex


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