I Love the Ark-La-Tex: Multicultural Center of the South

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 6:16pm

I love Greece, but finding a way to get there, that’s another story. At least, until I found the Multicultural Center of the South in Downtown Shreveport.

There, visitors can travel around the world, learning about different countries and regions, which, according to Director Janice Gatlin, is indicative of how Shreveport is too. "Shreveport is very diverse, especially with a lot of the Asian cultures that we have here, and we're getting more and more of the other different cultures, like Haitian. We have a Russian community here."

And all those are represented in the museum as well, along with a few more. Gatlin is proud of how many are represented.. "We have 17 of the cultures that are here are represented in the museum. We have the Asian cultures that are here, Native American, Hispanic, Creole Cajun, and Greek."

Ahh, those Greeks, you know I love them, and their beaches. I was ready to move in to the Greek room, until I walked to the next room, the Chinese room. There, my breath was taken away by the most fabulous and elaborate bed ever. It was calling my name, but somehow I resisted.

Then, I saw the cutest little doll, that looks exactly like me when I was a little Annie.

There are so many different areas to check out, and it isn’t just artifacts. A well-rounded approach is something Gatlin and her staff worked hard to do. "We have the music, the lifestyle, and all of that are displayed in the cultures."

It was all fabulous, but I was getting a little peckish. Ooh, what if along with artifacts displays, the center also had foods of the world. But Gatlin told me she was one step ahead. "July 19th, we'll be having our annual fundraiser. It's called "A Taste of Culture", and all of the cultures will be there with their foods and dishes."

That sounds delicious! Sign me up for that!

And that's just another reason I love the Ark-La-Tex.


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