Homeless mom has a new life

Friday, November 1, 2013 - 6:29pm

Living in a tent, or even a car, is no way to live, especially with children. Even so, that's how many people are forced to live, including one woman who over summer, lived in her car with her 3 small children.

She tried couch surfing, but more often than not, the family ended up in her small car. While being homeless was hard for her, it was even harder for her children, who often complained about being hungry. The woman went around asking for food, but people refused to help her. She refused to steal food, not wanting to break the law and lose her children by going to jail. However, the situation got so bad that she considered taking her life, along with her children's' lives to end the pain.

A friend recommended that she move from her small town to Shreveport, where there are more services for the homeless. She found a shelter where she could sleep, but she had to leave during the day. It was hard for her to job hunt with her children in tow, but she lined up an interview at a pizza shop.

That's when her luck started to change. She didn't get the job, but the manager at the pizza place recommended she visit The Providence House. She was accepted into their program, and now has not just a place to sleep, but is also getting the foundation for a new life.

The struggles she faced are something that is almost impossible to understand without actually being homeless. The Providence House is asking people to be homeless for a night, to see what it is like. They are inviting people to camp out at Independence Stadium on November 16 for their Sleepout 4 Independence.

Providence House hopes that by seeing what life is like homeless, even just somewhat, they will plant a philanthropic seed, especially in teens. They hope that the teens will be moved by their experiences and will work to give back, striving to end homelessness.

However, the Sleepout for Independence won't be completely like homeless living. Participants will also be having fun. The event will be hosted by Willie Jones of Fox's "The X-Factor" and Dez Duron of NBC's "The Voice." In addition to a Box Design Contest, you will enjoy activities and live entertainment. All, while sleeping under the stars.


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