Gov. Bobby Jindal speaking at Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 10:00am


When Governor Bobby Jindal decided to speak at the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, he had only one thing on his mind, something he calls the most important issue to be decided upon during the April Congressional Session, eliminating state income tax.

While attendees were hesitant to say if they were for or against Jindal's plan, they would admit they were curious to hear what the governor had to say.

During his speech, the governor gave six reasons why he believes his plan would benefit the state. He also went over five rebuttals to opponents of his plan.

Jindal claims his plan will bring over 12,000 jobs to the state, and will help families at every income level.

While Jindal is arguing that, the non-partisan Public Affairs Research Council has determined that the state would face a $650 million dollar deficit from the plan, even when taking into account the increased sales tax.

Opponents to the plan say this will make the poor even poorer, and even hurt the middle class. Income tax is a progressive tax, meaning the more you earn the more you pay. Many think this plan would hurt those that make less money, since a larger percentage of their salary would be spent on taxes.

At Tuesday conference, Jindal reminded people that rebate checks would be available to help the very poor make up for the additional money they would be spending on taxes. However, some worry that the very poor, who live paycheck to paycheck, could run out of money before those rebate checks are received.

Any tax increase plan, including sales tax increases, require a 2/3 vote to pass. Louisiana is back in session starting April 8.

ORIGINAL: Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, will be speaking at the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, April 2, at noon.

Governor Jindal will be speaking on his plan to eliminate the state income tax.


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