Giant gator caught in West Baton Rouge Parish

photo provided by Jim White
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 3:52pm

Alligator hunting season is in full swing and one catch turned some heads over the weekend.

Jim White and his hunting partner pulled a 13’4” monster from the water in West Baton Rouge Parish. The beast weighed 760 pounds!

Although the catch doesn’t surpass the state record, it did beat out Mississippi’s recent record-breaking catch of 727 pounds.

So what is the record for Louisiana? Well, we actually hold the record for the longest alligator on record. It was trapped in the early 1900’s and was measured at 19’2”.

White tells NBC33 News that he brought the beast to be cleaned for its meat, and it’s currently at a taxidermist. So, we have to wonder, where does he plan to keep it once it’s done?

Click here to see more photos of the massive alligator from WVLA NBC 33 and Jim White.


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Makes it scary to even go fishing in a boat knowing that could be under you LOL

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