The dog park saga continues

Monday, July 22, 2013 - 8:13pm

When the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance filed a lawsuit against Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover when he refused to follow the wishes of his council, Judge Leon Emmanual agreed with the alliance, saying Mayor Glovers needed to either sign papers allowing the dog park, or give reasons why he wouldn't.

Monday afternoon, just hours before the deadline, Mayor Glover's lawyers filed papers with the court of appeals, requesting a writ of review.  According to the papers filed, if the mayor is forced to give in to the wishes of his council, there will no longer be a separation of power.

After citing cases hoping to show that the law agrees, Mayor Glover went on to say he had provided alternatives to the Dog Park Alliance, namely in offering Princess Park as the spot for the dog park, rather than the previously agreed upon Hamel's Park.

The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance secured funding from the Red River Waterways, funding that must be used along the river. Even with the loss of funding from the Red River Waterways, Mayor Glover says Princess Park is still a better alternative, because infrastructure is already and in place and it will cost less that Hamels Park to open as a dog park.

However, even though it might cost less, many people aren't on board with Mayor Glover's plan, mainly because of the location and condition of Princess Park. Located on the edge of downtown, Princess Park was home to the SRAC offices until they were burned down. But many dog lovers say, since then, the atmosphere of the park has changed, and because of that, along with the location of Princess Park, they prefer the original plan of Hamel's Park as the location for the city's first dog park.


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Evidently, the good mayor does not realize that he serves at the will of the people and the people have informed their representatives on the city council that they want a dog park at Hamel's.

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