David Raines Community Health Center gets $758,333 thanks to the Affordable Care Act

Friday, November 8, 2013 - 6:26pm

Though the Affordable Care Act, the David Raines Community Health Center was given a grant of $758,333 toward expansion.  David Raines CHC plans to expand into the West 70th Street area in Shreveport. In that area, there are about 60,000 people living under 200% of the national poverty level.

Throughout Louisiana, 12 groups were granted nearly $7 million dollars to either expand existing health centers or create new programs. This is being done to expand access to primary and preventative health.

Senator May Landrieu said this about the grant; “throughout our state, community health centers deliver quality and affordable health care for those who need it, helping to build a stronger and healthier Louisiana. By supporting new centers, even more Louisianians will be able to access primary and preventive care, which not only keeps people healthy, but helps control costs by reducing reliance on expensive emergency room care. This funding is only one of the many benefits of the Affordable Care Act and I believe these benefits are certainly worth fighting for to help Louisiana families and businesses.”

The following entities received awards under the Affordable Care Act:
• $441,667 - Capitol City Family Health Center, Inc., in Baton Rouge.
• $758,333 – Common Ground Health Clinic in New Orleans
• $758,333 – David Raines Community Health Center in Shreveport
• $379,167 – Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center in New Iberia
• $812,500 – Jefferson Parish
• $650,000 – Morehouse Community Medical Centers in Bastrop
• $775,000 – MQVN Community Development Corp. in New Orleans
• $775,000 – New Orleans AIDS Task Force in New Orleans
• $191,667 – Primary Care Providers for a healthy Feliciana, in Clinton
• $300,842 – Southwest Louisiana Primary Health Care Center in Opelousas
• $290,117 – Winn Community Health Center in Winnfield

Other benefits of the Affordable Care Act include:
▪ Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny or drop people from coverage because of a preexisting condition.
 1.9 million Louisianans, including 266,000 children, have a preexisting condition and will not be denied coverage because of it (currently in place for children, January 1st for adults).
▪ Young adults can stay on their parents' plans until age 26.
  53,000 young adults in Louisiana have gained health insurance because adult children under 26 can stay on their parents' plan.
▪ No more lifetime or annual limits on coverage.
  1.4 million Louisianians no longer have a lifetime limit on their health insurance plan, including 538,000 women and 385,000 children. Beginning January 1st there will be no yearly dollar limits on coverage.
▪ For 2.4 million Louisiana women, being a woman will no longer be a reason for insurers to charge more.
▪ Preventive care is covered without out-of-pocket costs.
  932,000 Louisianians have had their private insurance add coverage of preventive services without a co-pay (i.e. immunizations like flu shots, mammograms, well woman visits, colonoscopies, blood pressure and diabetes screenings, vision and hearing screening for children)
▪ Reduced prescription drug costs for seniors in the Medicare donut hole.
  In 2012 alone, 60,016 seniors in Louisiana saved over $42 million, or an average of $704 per beneficiary.
▪ Greater choice and competition.
  353,000 middle class Louisianians between 100-400 percent of poverty (up to about $90,000 for a family of 4) will be eligible for sliding scale premium tax credits to help pay for coverage and gain access to more choice in the new health insurance marketplace.
  Those wanting to go out and become entrepreneurs will no longer be stuck in "job lock," where they can't leave their job because they need health coverage for their family.
▪ Tax credits to help small businesses offer coverage.
  45,000, or 70 percent, of Louisiana small businesses are now eligible for a tax credit for providing health coverage
▪ Louisianians no longer pay more for emergency treatment at out-of-network facilities.


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David Raines no longer takes self- pay patients, and they don't see half of the patients they have, they send them to Quick Care or the ER. This money is a total waste!

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