Caught on camera: Semi truck barely misses hitting school bus

CNN via KARE; MN Department of Public Safety
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 9:05am

The driver of a big rig could face charges after he sped past a stopped school bus in Paynesville, Minnesota. The startling moment was caught on video. Janel Klein has the story.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

"It was unreal"

School bus driver, Mike Egerman said just one.


Mike was stopped on this rural highway near Paynesville Friday to pick up 7th grader Alexis Schwartz. Just as she stepped twoard the bus.

"The traffic just flies by."

A semi truck went around its lowered arm and flashing lights driving on the highway's shoulder and right toward Alexis.

"He came here and wouldn't stop so I just backed up a little."

"As the semi went by there was nothing but dust and I thought she was dead. All the sudden her little face appeared."

Alexis was here, but the semi was gone. Its driver never stopping. Several people watched the whole thing happen and called police, but no one saw the semi's license plate.

"It's unbelievable he didn't stop."

"She could've been long gone."

And almost was.

"I'm lucky I survived."

Police say the driver has contacted them about the incident. 


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