Caddo Sheriff's Office trains deputies in a unique way

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 5:34pm

Most people don't think of going to the sheriff's office when they want a few drinks, but that's exactly what volunteers for the Caddo Sheriff's Office did Wednesday afternoon.

The Sheriff's Office brings volunteers to their training facility so deputies can practice giving field sobriety tests on people that have actually been drinking.

And while deputies don't force the volunteers to drink a certain amount, there are some that get pretty drunk, becoming great subjects for the tests.

Based on the field sobriety test results, certain volunteers are called in for breath tests, just like would happen after failing the test on the streets.

Training sessions are great experience for deputies, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. Caddo Sheriff's Office will (and already do) have a zero tolerance policy for any type of driving while intoxicated.

Most people realize that driving drunk is not acceptable anymore, but the sheriff's office is seeing more and more people abusing prescription drugs and driving. Deputies will be looking for anybody who seems intoxicated, and giving them the field sobriety test that they learned at training sessions like this one.


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