Caddo Parish set to top allowable limits for ozone

Monday, February 18, 2013 - 3:06pm

Unless something drastic happens, starting in July, Caddo Parish will no longer fall within the allowable limits for the ozone layer, but the parish isn't blaming businesses or cars.

Instead, they think the main problem comes from...... pine trees.

Like all trees, pine trees give off oxygen, but the parish also believes they give off a chemical that is included in ones bad for the ozone layer.

Some, including Shreveport Green, think that even if the trees possibly give off a chemical, their benefit outweighs any possible problems. But the ozone level is very important to them, so they want to make sure it stays at an allowable amount.

There are things that every person can do to limit their carbon footprint, or the harmful impact they have on the universe. Drive as little as possible, walk when it's feasible or plan trips in advance to consolidate errands, use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic, limit mowing grass, dispose of items properly. For more information on how to help the parish's air quality, visit the Shreveport Green website.

Caddo Parish plans to ask the EPA to redefine what the definition of ozone is, hoping to get the chemical released by the pine trees removed from the definition, but if that doesn't happen, the parish could lose out on different government funds, including some to help with the freeways and roads.


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