Braveheart, the abused puppy, finds a fur-ever home

Friday, October 11, 2013 - 8:25pm

It's been exactly a month since Braveheart was found abandoned in a storage unit on Youree Drive in Shreveport. He was on the verge of dying, chained inside the storage unit with no food or water,

He was taken to Animal Emergency Clinic where he was nursed back to health with love and care from veterinary technicians like Ronda Spataro.

Braveheart took to Spataro, so she and her husband Bo began to foster the puppy. They did that for about 2 weeks.

During that time, Braveheart's story went viral, catching the eye of Caddo Parish Animal Control. Considered evidence in the animal cruelty case, Braveheart was seized by Animal Control Tuesday afternoon.

Thousands of people begged Animal Control to allow Braveheart to stay with the Spataros while the investigation was ongoing, but Animal Control refused to release him.

Then, Wednesday night, Braveheart's luck began to change. Animal Control located his original owner, the renter of the storage unit, who agreed to give up custody of the 4 month old puppy. The District Attorney also drew up an arrest warrant for Braveheart's original owner. Braveheart was released from Animal Control into the care of the veterinarian who originally treated him.

However, it wasn't until Thursday that Braveheart really went home. His foster parents went to Caddo Animal Control, where they legally and formally adopted Braveheart. Around 4, the Spataros received even more good news when they learned that 31 year old Gabriel Lee turned himself in to Caddo Correctional Center and is facing felony animal cruelty charges.


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So happy for Braveheart and this loving family!!!!

Vary nice happy ending for Braveheart. God Bless him and the new owners.

Thank goodness for common sense

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