Bossier police seek three men for stealing guns

Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 9:48pm

Bossier City Police are looking for three men who Broke into Shooters USA, a popular gun range and store for many in the area.


Paul Murray, owner of Shooters USA, tells us how he feels about six of his guns being stolen.


It was unnerving... Tied my stomach in knots thinking of all the weapons they got that are now on the street.”


This crime is not unheard of.


In Bossier City alone, there were 68 guns stolen in 2013.


Police say they usually end up being sold.


Bossier city police hopes to catch the criminals who stole from shooters...


But there's no telling if they will ever get the stolen guns back...


That's where gun buyers can do their part.


Mark Natale of the Bossier City Police Department said, “Anybody who's looking to purchase a firearm should do so through a reputable dealer. somebody who has a federal firearms license. these are individuals who take steps to ensure that the firearms that they're selling, even if they're pre-owned fire arms, that they're legal and that they're not stolen."


Citizen awareness and action can help prevent black market guns from circulating.



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