Bossier deputies deliver Operation Santa Claus gifts

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 11:57am

The patrol cars were loaded down with toys...with Santa in the passenger seat... ready to bring smiles to children around Bossier Parish. As the grand finale of Operation Santa Claus, Thursday morning the Bossier Sheriff's Office, with the help of Santa, delivered presents to children who otherwise might not have presents to open on Christmas morning.

Without help from Operation Santa Claus..Crystal Sar shudders to think what Christmas would have looked like; "this year, it would be really bad, because this year's been really tight on us. She just had surgery, and so it's been kind of, yeah, it would have been really bad this year."

Santa delivered bags of toys for each of her children, bringing smiles not just to the Sars, but Santa too. Santa was proud to talk about how Operation Santa Claus makes him feel, saying "if it doesn't make you feel good, then something is wrong with you. Because it makes your hears smile to help a family out in this, because that's what it is, it's about kids. Christmas isn't about adults giving each other presents, it's about kids and making the kids smile on Christmas morning."

For another child named Nailah, that smile didn't wait for Christmas morning, it came this morning, when she was woken up by Santa bringing her toys. Each time Santa reached into his toy sack, her smile got bigger. Even so, wasn't her smile..or any of the children who had the biggest smile. Instead it was all of the parents, who were grateful for the holiday help.

With that, Operation Santa Claus once again achieved its goal of brings smiles to families.


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