Bossier City works to curb garbage collection delays

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 12:19am

Bossier City residents continue to experience delays in their trash pickup services. The problem continues three months after the city switched to Republic Services.

Adel Underhill tells us "they used to pick it up fairly early in the morning and now sometimes it's now late in the afternoon."

David Austin says the services have been inconsistent.

"A little bit different than what it used to be... I would load it up at probably about 6:30 as I leave and it would be picked up by that afternoon. I noticed since they got the newer services it's been in the later afternoon when they pick it up."

Mark Natale, spokesman for Bossier City says they contacted Republic Services about the issues such as scheduling and mastering routes. He says they have clearly improved their services.

Natale says their office used to get multiple complaints daily but now that number is down to just a few each week.

He notes that service patrons must also take responsibility to ensure efficient and timely service.

Natale says many people do not bother to place their bins properly on the curb. That causes delays.

"These are different from the trucks that the city of Shreveport use. There are automated trucks in which the trash bins are picked up by these, basically, arms by the side of the truck and they are dumped into the truck. In order for that to work, the bins have face the side of the street within four feet of the curb."

Natale says improperly placed bins leave truck drivers no choice but to exit their vehicle to physically reposition the bins.     

A ninth truck has been added into circulation.

Natale hopes the additional truck and a little bit of time will help get operations on track.


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