ATV safety depends on operator

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 9:00pm

In "Sportsman's Paradise", 4 wheelers are a way of life, but like any vehicle, they can be dangerous.

Scottie Davis of Louisiana Power Sports in Haughton loves 4-wheeling, and is always aware of the potential danger or ATVs and side by sides, believing that off road vehicles are safe as long as they are ridden the way they are meant to be ridden.

Too often,a fun time on an ATV turns tragic. In the past 10 days, in northwest Louisiana, two teens have died from ATV accidents.

Neither of the children were wearing helmets, something that Louisiana State Police recommend for people of all ages. Both of the boys were riding the ATVs on public streets, which is illegal for safety reasons.

Along with staying off public roads, the state also mandates the size vehicle people can use. No child under 16 is allowed to ride an ATV with an engine size over 90 cubic centimeters. For 12 and under that size goes down to 70 cubic centimeters. No child under 6 is allowed to ride an ATV of any size.

Along with following laws and recommendations, Davis also recommends taking an off road driver training course to prepare for potential unexpected events.

All of these steps will keep ATVs as a fun outing, and not a potentially tragic event.


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