10-year-old saves her grandfather after he has a stroke in the woods

Sunday, January 26, 2014 - 12:07pm

A 10-year-old South Carolina girl is being called a hero for getting her grandfather home after he had a stroke in the woods.

The Jumpers have spent 10 years making memories around the Swansea pond, some too embarrassing to tell, but at least one is worthy.

"It's just one those things that's hard to believe, but it happened, you know?" said Cara Jumper.

A few weeks back, Coy Jumper and his three granddaughters were at the pond checking beaver traps.

10-year-old Cara remembers seeing her grandfather fall in. He had a stroke.

"I didn't think much at all, I just jumped down in there. It was over Papa's head, I knew that."

Cara kept Coy's head out of the water while she pulled him onshore and started guiding him to the car.

It was a quarter of a mile away and Coy weights 230 pounds.

"He's leaning on me, and I'm basically carrying him. It was the hardest thing I have ever done."

With a cell phone at the bottom of the pond, calling an ambulance wasn't an option, so someone had to drive.

"Well it was kinda hard, but I had done it a couple of times before," said Cara.

Cara navigated the back roads, driving the three miles back home and delivered Coy to his wife Esca.

"Got him to the kitchen table, sat him down. He could hardly swallow," said Esca.

Coy spent six days in the hospital, where doctors discovered a small aneurysm.

He can't remember anything except hitting the water. But he knows how close he came to death.

"You just have to have a while to think about it, and it all dawns on you," said Coy.

"We're just thankful everything worked out like it did, and Cara's adrenaline kicked in and she knew what to do," said Esca.

"I just did what I had to do, but everyone has been calling me a hero," said Cara.

With Coy recovering, the family can look back on the scary episode with some nervous laughter. Thanks to a 10-year-old who's given her granddad a chance at a few more memories around the pond.

"I say I owe her my life because I don't know, I couldn't have gotten out by myself. Wasn't no way," said Coy.  


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That is love,and some of our children are reincarnated,much smarter that us,thank you for giving him a few more memory around the pond,take care of yourself

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