Wiley College upgrades security after violence on campus

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 8:59am

New security measures are in place at Wiley College in Marshall, after students say several non-students came onto campus and began fights. Travis Griffin helped organize "Stand for Peace," a student prayer rally to draw attention to the problem. "Just to make the administration aware that we are concerned and to to remind them that we want them to show and share that same concern."

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Joseph Morale says that message has been heard and that the necessary upgardes are being made. The college is installing several access gates to limit the entrance of non-students. It's also beefed up security on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, when the majority of the violence was taking place. Dr. Morale says they're also limiting attendance to school dances and other functions to students with Wiley College identification cards.

That's caused some controversy among some students, who think the added measures are too harsh. But Dr. Morale says in light of the increased violence, it's a necessary precaution. "When you think about what happened after 9/11, we all had to give up some freedom, some things we'd always done, we had to adjust. The same things are going to occur here."

Wiley College says it's still considering adding extra safety measures. Those could be implemented in coming weeks.

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