Thousands wind up in hospital after holiday accidents

Friday, December 16, 2011 - 8:30am

Over 13,000 people visited American hospitals last holiday season, after injuries sustained from decorations. That's according to a consumer protection bureau, which says the number is up over previous years.

Kerry Lyles of Caddo Fire District 1 says holiday accidents are something he sees a lot of this time of year. "We get all the usual variety of calls and you'll get a few more calls of people slipping and falling off of roofs and concerns with the lights that people have," he said.

One of the biggest potential dangers? Your Christmas tree. David Pollard of Ravens Cliff Farms sells trees at the old Hollywood Video location in Bossier City. He says the most important thing is to buy a recently  cut tree. "If it's fresh when you buy it, it should hold up. If it's dry when you buy it, it's only going to go downhill." He said healthy trees have a very low rate of catching on fire, but dry trees can create problems.

Ravens Cliff Farms distributes a safety list to every customer who buys a tree. They suggest watering the tree on a regular basis and double checking for shorts in your Christmas lights...just to be safe.

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