Residents react to attempted armed robbery at Sam's Town

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 9:22am

A would-be robber walks up to a cashier's window at Sam's Town riverboat casino a little before 3 A.M., with a gun, demanding money, all while surrounded by security...who tackle him before he can get away. It seems an unbelievable scenario, but that's exactly what police say 31-year-old LaNorris Weathers tried to do on Tuesday.

His 21-year-old brother Regis Hamilton was found a short time later, hiding in the woods near the Red River. Authorities found a jet ski waiting on a nearby bank. The two allegedly planned to make their getaway on the jet ski, which was stolen from a Shreveport home.

Shemika Maeshatk says she's been to Sam's Town to eat with her family and her reaction is disbelief. "I mean no one can go out now. I can't believe they were bold enough to do it." Maeshtak's words echo the sentiments of many Ark-La-Tex residents, who say the plan wasn't thought through, but it's concerning nonetheless."

LaWanna Washington is a self-professed gambler who says she's been to the casino many times. "I mean you don't see enough security if you ask me. I don't see that much security," she said. Police say that casino security tackled Weathers before anyone was injured, but for some residents, it's a reminder of what could happen.

"I think it would be OK, but that's just like coming outside your house. You never know who's waiting for you outside your house," added Maeshatk. "We just have to be careful wherever we are."

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