Ranchers in desperate need of hay

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 8:51am

It's been a tough summer for cattle ranchers. The drought means many of them are running out of hay to feed their animals...and that was before wildfires burned even more of it.

Eddie Hays works with the Texas Animal Health Commission. He says, "it was a bad situation to start with...it has forced a lot of farmers and situations to look at their situations." And that means many of them are selling their livestock. Hays works an auction on weekends. He says at this time of year, they usually don't see too many cattle passing through. Last weekend, 2,200 went up for sale.

Temporary shelters are available for large animals in the path of fires. One has been set up at the rodeo arena in Linden for most of the week. Another shelter is open for small animals at the Marion County Humane Society. Hays says that used to be at the rodeo arena, too--until it was moved when fires threatened the area.

To help ranchers and farmers, Texas Agrilife is partnering with the Texas Animal Health Commission and the Marion Humane Society. They're asking for any donations of hay and feed, which will go to help ranchers feed animals impacted by fires and drought.

For more information or to donate hay, contact Eddie Hays at  (903) 277-3979.

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