Marshall food pantry running low on supplies

Friday, September 23, 2011 - 8:00am

Mark Anthony Jackson is a college student living in Harrison County. He says he's waiting for a check to come in, but now he needs help from the food pantry. With supplies dwindling, though, the United Churches of Marshall Food Pantry is having a tougher time helping people like Jackson.

Sharee Stevens has been the president of the food bank since 2000. She says she's never seen the shelves this empty. "It's frustrating because you can't give them everything they need because we're out of some things." That includes fresh meat, milk and mac-and-cheese.

The pantry is operated in part by the East Texas Food Bank. It depends entirely on donations, and in the summer months, Stevens says, there are fewer coming in. That's a problem though, since summertime is when more children are home during the day--and when more food is needed.

If you would like to contribute to the food pantry, Stevens says the best way is a monetary donation, since the pantry can purchase food less expensively from its supplier than you could buy at the local grocery store. However, they do accept canned items, which will stay good for longer and can help feed more people.

To contribute, contact the United Churches of Marshall Food Pantry.

P.O. Box 1601

Marshall, TX 75671

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