Marriage rates at all-time lows

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 8:09am

Four in ten American women won't make that trip down the aisle in their lifetimes. That's according to a new government report, which shows the number of marriages across the country is at an all-time low. The National Center for Health Statistics released the report in March, which shows that just under half the population is currently married.

So why are so many people saying "I don't" to long-term commitment? Research shows it has a lot to do with financial independence. Women are more likely to be able to support themselves without a husband and some of the stigma has worn off single motherhood, according to studies.

However, Marty Miller with the Healing Heart Counseling Center in Shreveport can think of another reason...and it has to do with the nation's skyrocketing divorce rates. "I think that people are less likely to commit to getting married because of higher divorce rates and because maybe the've seen parents or friends go through divorce and they're trying to avoid that," he said. The country's divorce rates remains at an all-time high, with half of all couples calling it quits within 20 years.

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