Job market looking up for young Ark-La-Tex workers

Friday, December 2, 2011 - 9:16am

The job market's looking up for younger workers, according to Department of Labor statistics. That follows a dent in hiring of recent college graduates from ages 16 to 24. 2010 marked the highest number of unemployed young workers in decades. With recent job numbers though, that's beginning to change.

About 650,000 recent college grads found work in the past 3 months, the highest number in 3 years. That's after many of them decided to prolong their educations and receive upper-level degrees in high-demand fields. The trend's looking up in the Ark-La-Tex, too.

Gina Starns is a career counselor with LSUS. She says a recent survey of December grads showed 70 percent had a job waiting for them when they finished school, compared with 60 percent in May. "There's definitely improvement. I receive more and more calls from employers now, wanting to post jobs, looking for somebody who's graduating in December or already graduated."

She says there's sometimes a catch, though. Not all the jobs are local. "A lot of times when students say there's no work, it's because they're looking for that job they thought they were getting the minute they graduated from college and paying $60,000 a year and they have absolutely no experience."

She points to the employment website, which lists over 3 million open positions nationwide. The catch? Only 8,000 are in Shreveport. She says the best chance for young workers to find fast employment is to access their options...and be willing to compromise where they can.

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