Growing parish expects to see changes

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 9:38am

Bossier Parish has seen a population increase during the past decade while Caddo Parish numbers continue to stay stable.

"Bossier is very diversified and there's no reason really for them to stop," explained Dr. Gary Joiner, Associate Professor of History at LSU-Shreveport, as he described the growth of Bossier Parish.  He believes Caddo "will continue to be stable and, I think, we'll see growth in DeSoto.  Webster will see some growth as well."

We continue to see population growth around northwest Louisiana, but the parish that will again be one of the state's fastest growing parishes is seeing the largest increase.  Dr. Joiner explained that this movement into Bossier is important as they gain about 16,000 people.

Dr. Joiner says that people tend to move around in our area rather than move out of the area.  Perception is one of the main reasons Dr. Joiner says is to blame for this movement to Bossier.

"People want there kids to go to good schools.  They want to go to a place where they feel is safe."  Dr. Joiner said that even though the Caddo crime rate has dropped, people still have a certain perception of the parish.

The population increase in Bossier could mean numerous changes in the near future including more funding and district line movements.  The parish will have a higher government funding level based on the population.  The funding will go towards schools and road construction.

Dr. Joiner said, "we'll see the same number of districts, but there will be more people."  District lines will likely move around based on people moving around.

Residents of Bossier Parish and other area counties and parishes will begin seeing these types of changes once the official Census results are released early next year.

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