Ark-La-Tex health insurance rates for employers below national average

Friday, October 7, 2011 - 8:59am

It costs less to insure an employee in Louisana, Arkansas and Texas than it does in most other states. That's according to a survey by the United Benefits Advisors, a firm that monitors nationwide rates for employers. The national average is at about $8,000 per employee, per year. That number drops to $7,300 in Louisiana and $7,400 in Texas.

In fact, Arkansas has the second to lowest rates in the country. Employers spend about $6,700 each year to insure one employee. Only Mississippi has lower rates. However, William Stafford, a vice president with UBA, says there's many factors that go into insurance rates. "It could be access to care, it could be the cost of those providers, in general, being lower. It could be maybe not providing the same level of servics as neighboring states."

This survey is particularly relevant in light of expected changes with the national health care overhaul. No one really knows how it will affect health rates for employers, explains Stafford. "There's a lot more unansewred questions than there are answered questions right now," he says.

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