Law enforcement agencies urge you to think like a thief

Friday, July 13, 2012 - 8:57am

A few words you thought you'd never hear? East Texas law enforcement agencies want you to think like a thief this summer. That's because it's the best way to protect your car from being stolen. According to law enforcement data, a vehicle crime is committed every two minutes in Texas, the second highest number in the country. Those numbers peak in July and August.

To combat that trend, Texas rolls out a prevention campaign each year. So what does this year's "think like a thief" really mean? According to Harrison County administrative deputy Jay Webb, "a thief is looking for easy access, quick getaway and not to be seen." To take away those advantages, lock your car, take your keys, and park as close as possible. Remember to hide valuables, too, including GPS units, phones and purses.

A few more tips? Equip your car with an alarm system, secure it in a brightly lit location, and always be sure to check your backseat before getting into your vehicle.

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