Saints/Cowboys Poll

Friday, August 10, 2012 - 10:51am

It’s that time of year again football fans, the start of the NFL Season! The Shreveport market is unique.
Not only do we have two NFL team favorites, the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints, but they are also NFC competitors. This creates a conflict when both teams are playing at the same time, or when FOX is only airing a single game and the teams are playing at different times. In the past, this has placed KMSS, FOX 33 in the difficult position of having to choose. This is even made more difficult due to us being your FOX Affiliate for parts of Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. This is not an easy decision, so we have decided to leave it up to you to decide for our viewing area!

This year, you the viewer will have the opportunity to vote via Facebook prior to each conflicting game.
The conflicting games are September 16th, October 21st, and December 30th (may change due to the NFL flex-scheduling). While we understand this is not the perfect solution, we believe this is the fairest solution. After all, you get to decide what we will air. Please continue to watch KMSS Fox 33, visit our website: and LIKE our Facebook page to stay on top of these details. As always we thank you for watching Fox 33.

Paula Hayward
General Manager

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I vote saints

We live in Louisiana, air the Saints game. All who vote for Cowboys, move to Texas.

I really thought this was settled. I understood the Saints would have preference when they where out of town. They are the team that has a shot at the super bowl. Dallas will not get to the playoffs.

i vote four the saints

Come on I live in Louisiana, and I am a die hard Saints fan. I believe that if KMSS is a Louisiana station then it should play a Louisiana team. SAINTS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!


I vote for the cowboys, also.
Saints don't have a chance.
There was a comment about Dallas not beating the Saints but they sure came back a long way to tie up the game.

I vote for the Cowboys!

Cheating AGAIN, note pay attention to vote page, in typical David Duke,Edwin Edwards. George D'artoise fashion the kmss 33 vote page is decieving as they have Carolina vs the STANKS and the COWBOYS vs. Seatlle which is WRONG for the games to be voted on. This is SAD yet another cheating tactic to attempt to fool the public 1nce a CHEAT always a cheat.

I vote cowboys

I vote for the Saints

I vote Saints

I vote for the Cowboys.

I vote cowboys

I vote cowboys

I vote for the Cowboys

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