Shreveport authorities crackdown on “cruising”

Friday, April 13, 2012 - 10:57am

Officers with the Shreveport Police Department will once again be out on the streets this weekend to proactively address “cruising” issues throughout the city, keeping a sharp eye out for firearms violations.

“Cruising”, as it is commonly referred to, entails offenders driving slowly up and down our city streets, often stopping in the roadways blocking access to neighborhoods and businesses. In addition to complaints regarding traffic congestion, officers frequently receive other reports from concerned citizens regarding tangential criminal activity in conjunction with “cruising”, such as loud music, fighting, and gun shots being fired.

Over the past several weeks, officers have gathered intelligence regarding “cruisers” bringing firearms into city parks, an act that is clearly prohibited by city ordinance. With this in mind, officers will be vigilant in enforcing the law that states, in part, “No person shall bring or have in his possession any firearm, weapon, explosive or properties having such character into any park.”

Chief of Police Willie Shaw urged compliance, saying, “We don’t want to have to take anyone to jail, but we have an obligation to keep our parks safe and if you make a conscious decision to bring a firearm into a city park contrary to city ordinance, you will be arrested.” As always, our media partners are invited and encouraged to come out and ride with an officer assigned to the operation this Sunday evening to see first hand how the Shreveport Police Department is working to keep our communities safe. Please call Sgt. Bill Goodin at (318)525-5066 for more information.


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