Residents clean up after tornadoes rip through the Ark-La-Tex

Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 12:24pm

Tornadoes and heavy rain ripped through parts of the Ark-La-Tex Tuesday night.  Marshall, Texas was one of the towns hit the hardest.  Wendesday, residents were stuck picking up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

The day after a reported tornado ripped through the Gill community just south of Marshall, Betsy Wall is thankful to be alive after the home she was in with six other relatives was torn apart.

"The electricity had just gone out.  We were hunting the house for candles trying to get the candles going, so we could see."  Wall told us.  After that, she said it all happened so fast as her family came running in the house yelling the tornado was coming.

Even though the roof blew off from the hallway where they sheltered themselves from the storm, all seven family members escaped without injuries.

The worst of the damage is in this area and TxDOT crews spent all day Wednesday clearing downed trees blocking FM 2625.  TxDOT workers told us that they could spend the next couple weeks picking up the mess.

But Wall told us that all the damage is no match for what the family still has with them today.  "It's a loss but it's a blessing also at the same time," she said. "Things can be replaced, lives can't."


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