Police, family want answers in cold case disappearance

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 - 9:58am

Bossier City police and the mother of a woman who went missing nineteen years ago are still looking for answers today.

"For nineteen years, no one's come forward, and we don't know where to start looking or what to do.  We just keep hoping.  Someone will know something," said Marty Butler, mother of Penny Madanat who has been missing since October 26, 1991.  That hope that Penny will return home still remains strong among Penny's mother and her family since that October night.

Butler told us of the last time that she spoke with Penny.  "I was working and she came by my place of work.  And she said she was going out for a little while and she would see me when I got home."  When Butler returned home that night, Penny was not there.  Nor did Penny come home the next day.  Butler told us that it was unlike her daughter not to return home since she had two children, ages 2 and 4 at the time.

The night club formerly known as Cowboys, now called Rockin' Rodeo, was the last place that Penny was said to be seen that night she went missing.  "During the course of the investigation, which has been ongoing now for nineteen years, her husband was developed as a person of interest," explained Mark Natale, Bossier City police spokesman.  Authorities told us that shortly before this incident happened, Penny and her husband had separated.  They allegedly got into an argument earlier in the day before she went to the night club.

The day after Penny went missing, her husband went to Penny's sister's house to pick up their two children.  "He came there and I said 'well, where's Penny?'  I thought she might've went with him," Butler told us.  Butler explained that the husband said he did not see her and he denied anything.  "Then, he left, took the children and left.  I haven't seen them since."  Butler told us that she recently got in contact with her daughter's children about a year ago, but has not seen them in person.

The husband still remains a person of interest, and the investigation became difficult since he moved out of the country shortly after Penny's disappearance.  Penny's mother simply wants closure on what happened to her daughter that night.

"She was a beautiful, young lady, full of fun, loved to dance, good mother, a great daughter.  We were best friends," Butler told us of her daughter.  Butler said she thinks about her daughter every day and night.  "If somebody would just come forward and tell us if they know what happened to Penny or whereabouts she is, so I could go get her, bring her home.  I miss my daughter."

If you have any information about Penny Madanat's disappearance, you are asked to contact Bossier Crime Stoppers at (318) 424-4100.


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