Police ask for residents' help in fight against crime

Friday, March 4, 2011 - 9:48am

Police have one suspect behind bars who may be responsible for multiple burglaries in East Shreveport, but they do not believe he is the only one.

Wednesday afternoon, detectives identified Edgar Brooks, 45, as the suspect in a Wednesday morning burglary of a Broadmoor home.  The burglary victim, who came home to the suspect inside, was able to give detectives a detailed description of the man and vehicle.  Webster Parish authorities located and arrested Brooks a short time later.  Detectives are still investigating whether he could be responsible for similar crimes in the area.

Police do not believe that he is responsible for all of the burglaries in that area based on the different ways each was committed, said Sgt. Bill Goodin.  Detectives are looking through evidence from other recent burglaries including fingerprints and the way the suspect broke into the home.  Detectives also recovered some blood evidence at many burglaries where the suspect hurt themselves as they entered the home.  All that evidence could lead to more charges for Brooks and more arrests. 

Even though one burglar is off the streets tonight, authorities encourage residents to stay vigilant.  Authorities suggest that if you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary, call them to check it out.  Sgt. Tom Oster, of the Shreveport Police Property Crimes Division, encourages residents to call authorities no matter how small their concern may be.  Police say that they do not want people to be paranoid, they just want them to be prepared.


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