Pizza delivers a win on Super Bowl Sunday

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 1:51pm

Phones ringing off the hook, orders entered, dough rolled out, sauce and chease spread, that was the scene at pizza places across the country on Super Bowl Sunday.  The Johnny's Pizza House on Youree Drive in Shreveport looked no different, filling hundreds of pizza orders.

Johnny's Pizza House Assistant Manager, Randy Daniels, told us that they started getting busier earlier in the day than normal.  "A lot of people called yesterday to make future orders for today," Daniels said.  He told us that most of the orders made on Super Bowl Sunday were deliveries.

One South Shreveport resident took a different approach knowing that the delivery time would likely be a longer wait.  William Stout told us that his wife sent him to be "the designated picker-upper guy," to bring back pizzas to their small Super Bowl party.

Johnny's Pizza brought their top team to help fill hundreds of orders on the third-busiest pizza delivery day of the year.  Daniels told us that he scheduled additional employees to come in earlier and to stay later to make sure they processed orders as quickly as possible.

He did not know an exact number of pizzas that they would have made by the end of the night.  If he had to guess, "each rack has fifteen (pizzas). We're going to do about twelve racks times thirty.  Whatever that number is."  That adds up to a whole lot of pizza pies making Super Bowl parties around town a little tastier.  But believe it or not, Daniels would not say that Super Bowl Sunday is the most popular day to get pizzas delivered.

"Our busiest day would probably be the day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas," Daniels told us.  He said those days bring in record-breaking numbers for the restaurant.  He did say that Super Bowl Sunday falls in third place as the most lucrative day for Johnny's Pizza.  They usually make double the amount of pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday compared to any other Sunday of football.


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