Parents concerned about fights at local middle school

Friday, March 4, 2011 - 6:28pm

One of many concerned parents is speaking out about her disapproval of the way the administration at a local middle school is responding to recent violence on campus.

Erin Echterhoff, whose son attends Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School, says she worries about her child each day she drops him of at the school.  She has concerns with the way the Broadmoor school's administration responds to fights breaking out on the campus especially after her son was recently punched by another student in the cafeteria.  Echterhoff does not believe the school is strictly enforcing the rules.

The concerned parent told us that her son comes home about twice a week telling her about a fight that happened on campus that day.  School officials have reported six fights on the campus in the past couple of weeks including a scuffle that caused police to go to the school on Thursday.  Officers issued two juvenile citations to two 14-year-old students.  They also charged a 15-year-old student with one count of disturbing the peace and one count of battery of a school teacher.

In a statement from the school district, officials say that these fights are "due primarily to issues in the neighborhood spilling over into the school."  Jackie Lansdale, president of the Caddo Federation of Teachers and Support Personnel, does not believe that is the problem.  "I don't buy that it's a community issue because I know schools that are in high-risk neighborhoods, with at-risk students, that administration is able to communicate that there is a standard of behavior," she said.

In the statement that the Caddo Parish School District released yesterday, district officials say that they will continue to work with administrators at Broadmoor Middle Laboratory School to help address the issue of fights on campus.  Echterhoff hopes the administration and school district officials will consider enforcing the rules more strictly.

"This has been going on all year long.  There's been fights, there's been pushing, there's been shoving," Echterhoff described.  "There's no real control of the school."  She told us that she hopes school officials will come up with strict behavioral guidelines to follow.

In yesterday's statement, school district officials added that they encourage anyone to bring concerns to school board in a constructive manner to be able to reach a resolution together.


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i agree with both of you because i got bulled there

Its not that many fights at Broadmoor, Why do people low rate broadmoor, its really a good school.

um yes it is i know because i go there and they do have a lot of fights . they really should start enforcing more ground rule at broadmoore. I am not saying it is a bad school broadmoore is a great school it could be even better if they start enforcing the rules more.

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