Narcotics operation yields 22 arrests

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 11:00am

Sheriff Steve Prator and Chief Willie Shaw announced today that the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Unit conducted a special operation on June 18th and June 19th, 2011 in an ongoing, collaborative effort to combat crime in Shreveport and Caddo Parish.

Responding to citizen complaints as well as intelligence gathered, agents conducted a narcotics “Buy Bust/Reverse/Search Warrant” operation in Shreveport. Undercover agents made controlled purchases of illegal narcotics during this investigation and also executed a search warrant at a local hotel after receiving a tip from a hotel guest.

The operation netted 22 felony arrests and authorities seized approximately 44 grams of cocaine, 15 grams of marijuana, 20 ecstasy tablets, 19 Xanax tablets, 17 hydrocodone tablets and $576.00. The suspects arrested during this operation are as follows:

Location Arrestee Age Charge Address

5200 Monkhouse Martha Murrell 59 Dist Sch II 5200 Monkhouse, Shreveport
5200 Monkhouse Nathan Sullivan 23 Poss w/int Sch II 5200 Monkhouse, Shreveport
5200 Monkhouse Kenny Johnson 25 Poss w/int Sch II 5200 Monkhouse, Shreveport
5200 Monkhouse Mauranto Johnson 32 Poss w/int Sch II 5200 Monkhouse, Shreveport
5200 Monkhouse Kelvin Wright 20 Poss w/int Sch II,Poss Sch I 5200 Monkhouse, Shreveport
Downtown area Samuel Blakely 22 Poss Sch I 700 N Land, Oil City
Downtown area Brandon Shope 21 Poss Sch I 400 Shell, Texarkana, Tx
Downtown area Glenn Davis 27 Poss Sch I & Obstruction 1400 Oden, Shreveport
Downtown area Chris Yates 30 Poss Sch I 200 Texas Ave, Shreveport
Downtown area Zane Fasterland 24 Poss Sch IV 1900 Benton, Bossier
Downtown area Jason Scott 34 Poss Sch III Elizabeth, Alabama
Downtown area Brandon Glasgold 28 Poss Sch I & IV 7200 Jennifer Ln, Shreveport
Downtown area Dvc Tan Ngo 28 Poss Sch IV 9400 Royalton, Shreveport
Downtown area Tammy Leach 28 Poss Sch III Hallsville, La
Downtown area Shaun Garrett 31 Poss Sch III 1000 Clarence, Shreveport
Downtown area Curtis Foster 19 Poss Sch I & Fugitive 3300 Fulton, Shreveport
Downtown area Jamario Mester 24 Poss Sch I 5700 Armstrong, Shreveport
Downtown area Lawrence Thomas 24 Poss Sch I 3000 Pouncy, Shreveport
Downtown area Marvin Washington 52 Poss w/int Sch I & IV 300 Mayfair, Shreveport
Downtown area Richard Lewis 46 Poss Sch I 2500 Montgomery, Bossier
Downtown area John Authier 22 Poss Sch I & IV 2600 Barron Rd, Keithville
Downtown area Raphiel Williams 21 Poss Sch I 600 Leary, Minden, La

From Shreveport Police Department


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