Legislator proposes addition to police chekpoint law

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 8:29am

 Before they put out those orange cones or begin stopping drivers, police already have to let the public know they'll be there, if it's a DWI, insurance or seat belt compliance checkpoint. Now one Louisiana lawmaker wants that rule to apply to car inspections sticker checkpoints, too. Marcus Hunter, who sponsored the bill, says it's a matter of safety. That's the stance Larry Powell takes. "You never know when a person might have an emergency they're trying to get somewhere and they run into these roadblocks," he said.

However, other Ark-La-Tex drivers told us that warning motorists ahead of time could stop lawbreakers from being caught. "It's like telling a burglar, well, we're not going to be there, but the money's there," said Nita Yates.

The bill was unanimously passed by a house committee and goes forward for debate later this week.


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