Lawyer files suit on 3132 expansion controversy

Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 10:37am

More controversy is surrounding the 3132 expansion that already causes headaches.  A local attorney has filed suit against the city, parish and a developer to help ensure the expansion can happen.

Local attorney, John Steele, says the 3132 expansion towards Hwy 1 could hit another road block soon if an access road to a developing neighborhood is built on city property just south of Flournoy Lucas Rd.

The developer of that neighborhood, Bossier City councilman Tim Larkin's company, is the subject of the lawsuit.  The lawsuit shows drawings of the road Larkin plans to build heading towards the city property, leading Steele to believe Larkin will eventually want to build on city property to reach Flournoy Lucas Rd.  If built on that property, the 3132 expansion could be blocked, Steele said.

"He may be able to do it another way, but right now, it's quite apparent to me that he wants to cross that 16-acre tract," Steele explained.  In the lawsuit, Steele included an ordinance the parish passed that said Larkin could not build any houses on his developing subdivision, Esplanade, until he had a road connecting Railsback Rd. to Flournoy Lucas Rd.

The city of Shreveport, Caddo Parish and three of Larkin's companies are all included in the suit, but the parish attorney does not expect to be part of the legal battle much longer.

"The parish has a very serious interest in seeing that the loop is finished," said Charles Grubb, Caddo Parish Attorney.  "But as far as the current controversy's concerned, we're just not a party to it, and we don't have any way to influence it."

Grubb told us that he thinks this is a political issue that deserves the public's attention, not a legal issue.

But Settle's main concern is completing the Inner Loop that was meant to loop around the city.

"The key is to make sure that we don't have more action being taken without everybody knowing about it," he said.

No hearing date has been set, but Settle plans to file a motion next week in hopes to reach a resolution by Labor Day.


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