Firework safety over the holidays

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 9:27am

It's almost the New Year and that means Ark-La-Tex residents are stocking up on fireworks. But do you know when you can and can't legally light up those fuses?

In Shreveport, no fireworks can be discharged between December 15 and January 1 after 10 PM.
On New Years Eve, they can be discharged from 10 PM to 1 AM.

In Bossier City, fireworks may be used December 23 through January 1.
They may not be discharged after 10 PM, except on New Years, when they may be used until 12:30 AM.

Here are a few more tips for firework safety from the Shreveport Police Department.

-Always wear safety glasses and do not wear loose clothing when using fireworks.

-An adult should always be present and supervise the use of fireworks.

-Read all labels and follow all instructions before lighting fireworks.

-Light only one firework at a time.

-Have a safe landing zone for aerial fireworks. Consideration should be given to wind direction and ignitability of everything in the landing zone.

-Have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water on hand to extinguish any incipient fire.

-Never ignite fireworks while holding them. Put them down, then ignite them and walk away.

-Never ignite aerial fireworks where overhead obstructions (trees, eaves, wires, etc.) may interfere with trajectory into open air space. Never ignite aerial fireworks near an opening to a building.

-Do not point or throw fireworks at other people. Do not carry fireworks in you pockets. If one happens to ignite, severe burns may result.

-Always keep spectators a safe distance away.

-Dispose of fireworks only after you are sure they are completely extinguished. If needed, douse them with a hose and allow them to cool overnight.


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