Crime stats show downward trend for Bossier City

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - 10:47am

The total number of crimes decreased in Bossier City during 2010 to its lowest level in 29 years according to statistics released today by the Bossier City Police Department. In 2010 there were a total of 11,015 crimes. That figure is the lowest number of total reported crimes in Bossier City since 1981 when the number stood at 10,868. The 2010 number also represents a 5% decrease from 2009.

The total number of major crimes, including homicide, armed robbery and auto theft also dropped 2% in Bossier City compared to 2009. This marks the eighth consecutive year that Bossier City has experienced a decreased in the major crimes rate.

In 2010, Bossier City recorded one murder which resulted in the arrests of two suspects. That lone murder reflects an 83% decrease in that category compared to 2009. Other major crimes that decreased were rape, burglary, aggravated assault and auto theft.

                                    2009        2010     Percentage Change
Murder                          6*               1                  -83%
Rape                            30              28                 -6%
Armed Robbery          36              39                  8%
Burglary                      460            447                -3%
Agg. Assault              1,074         978                -9%
Theft                            2,146        2,203               3%
Auto Theft                   179            154               -14%

Total Major Crimes 3,931          3,850             -2%

*includes three incidents of justifiable/self defense homicide.

From Bossier City Police Department


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