Top 5 Grey's Anatomy Episodes

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 9:47am

For nine glorious seasons now, you've taken part in the lives of the surgical interns and their supervisors in the fictional Seattle-Grace Mercy West Hospital. With a tenth season of the immensely popular series in the air, it’s a great time to look back at some of the most memorable Grey's Anatomy episodes in its long and storied history.

In large part due to plane crashes, erratic gunmen, ferry accidents, and enough personal turmoil to fill about 100 soap operas, Grey's Anatomy has become the self-proclaimed queen of drama. Melodrama, to be more exact, for everyone wearing Grey's Anatomy scrubs. Let's take a look at some of the strongest episodes over its amazing nine-year run. (Just in case – some spoilers!)

1. Sanctuary; Death and All His Friends (Season 6 Finale): In episodes 23/24 finale, Reed's life shockingly ends at the hands of the deranged Gary Clark's hand. From there, it's a wild ride for the Grey's Anatomy team. It had the power to take our breath away. From April finding Reed's body to Meredith pleading for Derek's life (and Derek getting shot by Clark), it was a whirlwind of action, tension, and suspense. Thanks in large part to great acting, inspired writing, and a steady hand behind the camera, the Season 6 finale was one of the most talked about -- and impressive -- episodes in the history of Grey's.

2. Losing My Religion (Season 2 Finale): Shed a tear for Denny. Shed a couple. Katherine Heigl, who's recently moved into the realm of big-budget summer movies, works her acting magic here as her efforts to keep Grace Mercy West patient-slash-fiancé alive culminate in -- what?!  Denny dies of a blood clot as they're getting ready to head off to the hospital's prom? Oh no, the waterworks are coming again! It's an emotional end to a very engaging storyline -- with top-notch acting thrown into the mix -- and one of the best episodes to be found within the Grey's bunch.

3. Drowning on Dry Land (Season 3, Episodes 16): In the midst of the ferry accident, Meredith sinks into the abyss. She is eventually pulled from the water, lifeless. And those closing scenes as she realizes she may just have died are some of the most shocking in all of Grey's history. Kudos to the writers who pulled it all off leaving stunned viewers wondering what was in store for the heroine of their show.

4. It's the End of the World; As We Know It (Season 2, Episode 16-17): In the Season 2 shocker, the Grey's Anatomy scrubs team faced one of the most daunting challenges: a patient with a bomb in his chest and a young paramedic's arm -- literally -- inside it as the only thing which was stopping the bomb from going off! Talk about an explosive situation.

5. Now or Never (Season 5, Episode 24): John Doe is George O'Malley! What?! In part two of the Season 5 Finale, the John Doe patient writes 0-0-7 on Meredith's hand -- It's George O'Malley, hit by a bus as he was trying valiantly to save another's life. And did we mention both Izzy's and George's lives hang in the balance? These are two characters we've come to know and love and it makes the episode all the more heart-wrenching. 


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