Just Do It - Plaques for Silly Reasons, Important Ones, Too

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 12:38pm

Receiving a plaque award, no matter the occasion, can lift your spirits and make you feel good in your accomplishments, Giving plaques to those well-deserved also shows appreciation for a job well done. Because there are many reasons to say "Thank you" or "Congratulations," there are many unique plaques from which to choose.

Plaque awards for silly, fun reasons are mood-shakers. They are, of course, good for very important reasons, too, such as when someone has done something heroic or beyond the call of duty. It's in our very nature to want recognition for giving it our all. If you win a bowling tournament, displaying a fun plaque can be a proud conversation starter - and you may find new players.

There are funny reasons to give or receive a plaque. Playing fun tricks on your friends can begin traditions that last for a lifetime, and they can induce hysterical laughter. In jokes are always, in. If a favorite uncle did something humiliating, yet hilarious, giving a silly plaque in an all-in-fun way wouldn't be too harsh and might settle things; it might also prompt the person to give a "payback" in return.

The Golden Throne plaque award has been an on-going joke for many years with the poor losers name etched forever in wood. A clever and funny "You're the Bomb" or "You bombed" plaque is all done in fun and can help someone take losing in stride. A "Big Cheese" plaque, given to a boss, is sure to put a smile on his or her face. Hopefully. Or think of something more personal. Those in jokes, again.

You've heard the phrase, "When Pigs Fly," well, giving an actual flying pig plaque is sure to get some snickers. For the constant complainer, the "Cry baby" plaque might calm them down.

On the other hand, giving or getting heartfelt recognition, in the form of a specialized plaque award, could bring a smile and emotional tears to someone's face.

If a company has a banner year, it's mostly due to hard-working employees; they may not demand appreciation, but when given, it helps ensure they'll continue. Imagine if you're the employee and a specialized plaque, with your name and date, is delicately engraved in a glass or wood plaque and given to you. Maybe your sweetheart presents you with a plaque, which has a special sentimental poem etched on it; these plaques will be treasured and displayed lovingly for many years.
A mother or father would love getting a "Mom of the Year" or "Dad of the Year" plaque award from their children as appreciation for all they did for them. A teacher would treasure a "Teacher of the Year" or a simple "Thanks Teach" plaque. A donor, or a surrogate, might appreciate a thank you plaque, especially if it helped save a life or bring one into the world. It’s a small thing, but they add up.

Whatever reason you might give for giving a plaque award, the gesture will be remembered, displayed fondly, and maybe even reciprocated back to you at some point.  


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