Home Land Lines Offer More Now Than Ever

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 1:59pm

Phone service is something we almost take for granted. If you need to get in touch with someone just pick up the phone and call. Having a home land line phone service today can give you some great benefits that a cell phone cannot. Having both a cell phone and home land line phone service can cover the communication bases.

Everyone loves to stay in touch with friends and family. In today's world, jobs take people all over the country and the world. Keeping in touch can be expensive with just a cell phone. Many home phone services offer calling plans that allow unlimited calls with unlimited minutes for a flat fee per month. This is a great value for those who like to not only keep in touch but want to spend some time chatting. The worry over the bill is gone as you will know exactly what your bill will be.

Better in Emergencies

Traditional land lines can be used in power outages because they require no local electricity. When bad storms hit, cell phones will only last so long before they need to charge again. Cell phone towers may also be damaged in storms and unable to connect cell calls. A land line could be your only way to let friends and relatives know your family is ok.

You also can’t lose it – nice! Cell phones are lost and stolen all the time. It takes time and expense to replace a cell phone and get back in touch with everyone. A land line does not need to be charged so there is one less thing to think about.

When there is an emergency in your home and you need emergency services a home land line will tell the 911 operators where the emergency is. This is especially helpful if you have older people or young children living in the house. Even for adults it is easy to get over-excited in an emergency and have trouble telling the operator where the help is needed.

Work From Home Professionalism

A great advantage of the new job market is the number of people who can work from home. Telecommuting is a growing trend that many people would love to take advantage of. A land line is usually essential for this type of work. A phone line with crystal clear reception is a must for customer service and consulting work. The all-in-one printer, scanner and fax will use a land line and are part of the work at home equipment.

Home Security

Home security is a growing concern for many residents. Home security systems which automatically connect to the police and fire department use landline. When you have pets, children or elderly people home alone it is good to know that they necessary authorities can be notified when help is needed.

There are many benefits to having a home land line today. Consider all the benefits of keeping a home land line phone service before making the decision to go only cellular. 


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